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One of the main reason for using WPC is Environmental. The Environmental pressure on industry in terms of recycling and sustainability are growing daily. In WPC sawdust is Used that means no additional Wood resources are Depleted. WPC increase the efficiency of wood usage by up to 40% compared to traditional wood processing.

WPC have Good Mechanical Properties, High Dimensional Stability. They are tough, stable and can be extruded to High Dimensional tolerance.

WPC are wood products that need no further processing. WPC contain no formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds. WPC are recyclable and can be reground and reused after their service life. WPC require less maintenance than the alternatives of solid wood. Wood-plastic composite can be substituted in most instances.

WPC is Environmental friendly Product.

Royal Boards vs Traditional Boards

Characteristic ROYAL WPC Board Plywood MDF Board
Water & moister Proof
Termite & Pest Proof
No Shrinking or No Swelling
Fire Retardant
Borer Proof
Corrosion Retardant
Maintenance Free
Environment Friendly
Smooth Surface Much More Smoother Less Smoother Less Smoother
Outdoor Adaptability
Gluing & Lamination
Weather & Ageing Resistant
High Screw & Nail Holding Capacity
Sawing & Cutting
Use Traditional Tools


Save the tree use WPC


Save the tree Save the earth


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